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Hello Ladies….

Wow. The “Girls just wanna have fun” song is repeating itself inside of my head. The worst part, is that it’s singing in my head with the same scratchy nasal voice of Ms. Lauper and it’s causing me to sing along with it.

We recently had our ladies learn to fly-cast day and, my goodness, what a day it was! In a months forecast of rain and snow, somehow myself, eight other ladies, and a little lady in training, were able to coax Mother Nature into hooking us up with some serious sunshine.

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Close Your Eyes…..

When was the last time you closed your eyes and let the sun warm your face? Allowing that fantastic orange glow to trap itself inside your eyelids, forcing you to slow down both your breathing and your mind. That slight warmth is a true appreciation.

I have a best friend who regularly forces me to do just that; slow down and appreciate…

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If Only They Knew…..

I’m allowing myself ten minutes to remove my tongue from between my teeth and say a little something that has entertained my thoughts for the past six years.

Assumption and I go way back. Way, way back…

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