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Arkansas Meet April, April Meet The White…..


Every so often in a woman’s life, there is a calling to do something a little crazy (ok, so maybe it’s a little more regular than every so often)…..

See, I believe in living life with no regrets, staying true to yourself (and your heart) and living every single day as though it were your last. You never quite know when your time will come, and you can be damn sure that you don’t want the last thoughts that run through your head to be thoughts of regret.

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For The Love Of Iceland

I remember the first email I ever exchanged with Icelander, Rafn Valur Alfreðsson.

I couldn’t pronounce his name, and I certainly couldn’t pronounce his river, but the rest of the text was clear.

April, my name is Rafn Alfreðsson and I run a lodge on the river Midfjardará. We would like you to come to Iceland to put on a women’s school in June next year, are you interested?

Iceland is famous for it’s incredible scenery and world renowned Atlantic salmon fishing…..Of course I was interested.

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Reminiscing Last Year’s Steelhead……

Whoever said that “running away from a problem is not the solution”, obviously never ran far enough away. Either that, or he was the a$$hole who was being run from.
Running was exactly what I was doing. Months of suffering from the common fisherman’s discomfort otherwise known as the “relationship migraine”, combined with other headaches courtesy of web designers, employers, and an over crowded house had all driven me to a near breaking point.

I packed my duffle, waders and Spey rod and met my two most reliable fishing buddies, my Water Master raft and my Toyota 4×4, outside in my driveway. “Off we go boys….” I didn’t know exactly where we were going, but I knew it was somewhere far up north to B.C.’s interior where wild Skeena steelhead were plentiful and equally as feisty as me.

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