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C’mon Christy… Make This Right and Stop Stalling

Dear Premier Clark,
I am writing you with the intentions of expressing my disappointment and opposition regarding the proposed 2012 Shell coalbed methane drilling project in BC’s Sacred Headwaters.
As a resident born and raised in British Columbia, I have always been proud to call this province my home.
British Columbia is world renowned for its natural beauty and its environmental consciousness. Our land leaves an impact on its visitors and they almost always find themselves coming back for more of the “BC way of life”.
My opposition to the Shell coalbed methane drilling project is not one of impulse or of haste.
I have thoroughly reviewed the planned development and am astonished that such a proposal is still being considered viable by our government.
Though I am sure that you are aware of the details and intricacies of what is unfolding in our North, I have enclosed an article that I recently published (and will continue to publish). I hope this article will further elaborate to you why such a project has no place in our home.

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Skeena Vs. Shell- Let’s Make This a Fair Fight

I’m tired of feeling small. On game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, I sat on the edge of my couch and began the evening as a proud Canadian.
Several hours later as glass shattered and fires ignited, I slumped into that same couch, discouraged, small and belittled as the city erupted into sheer chaos.

Ashamed and shocked by what was unraveling before my eyes, I yelled at the television, gawked at the “animals” that tore apart the city, and cursed the spectators who watched with grins and iPhones raised…
As I sat there emotionally drained and disappointed, I couldn’t help but wonder if that evening might have resulted in a different outcome had citizens teamed together determinedly tried to stop the violence.

Would the extra support of public strength have helped?
How many of you picked up the paper the next morning and thought, “I would never have done something like that”?
Heck, how many of you thought, “If I were there, I would have…”?

Now, what if I told you that similar havoc is being wreaked in British Columbia’s most sacred and endangered watershed, only this time you actually have the power and the foresight to put an end to it?
I first became aware of this in a phone conversation with Shannon McPhail, when she explained an intrusive proposal planned for Northern British Columbia in 2012…

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Steelhead On Top… The Obsession Gets Worse?

It doesn’t take a genius to calculate that a size eight mayfly doesn’t have the same hook strength as a 1/0 streamer.
This said, one can imagine my disappointment when after waiting a lifetime to finally hook a 15-plus pound steelhead on a delicate dead-drifted mayfly, all logic, know-how and thought processing suddenly vanished from my head.

As I torqued on the rod, my hook bent out, the line went slack and a straight piece of wire flew back at me as a reminder that perhaps overpowering such delicate hooks was not the best idea.
Yes, I admit it; after years of searching for surface feeding steelhead (particularly steelhead who wanted to eat my fly!) I didn’t take into consideration that my hook might bend out if I wasn’t careful.

As I pulled on him while he jumped, turned, and bucked, I don’t know why I was so shocked to watch the fly tear out of his mouth resulting in a useless hook at my feet.

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