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Fox Rocks

jeff oneil fox rocks

99.3 The Fox radio station has always entertained me.

They say it like it is, play fantastic music, and do so all while having a great time.
Recently, I was minding my business when a friend called to let me know that they had been speaking about me on the Jeff O’neil show (a popular morning show on the station) earlier that day.
He let me know that they had Mariko Izumi (a fellow Canadian conventional angler who has sought fame with a bikini and contagious party laugh; I think she’s hot… say what you will).
Regardless, Mariko was on the show as Canada’s hottest fisher woman and she handled their crude questions well. “Dinner plates or dimes?”, they asked her…. Yes, they are classy guys.
Well as the show ended, they received some calls that encouraged them to contact me for an interview.

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