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A Short Quibble in the Midst of Highwater

Sometimes all you can do is laugh…
If it weren’t for the opened turned pages of my MCI study guide, this post would never be written.

You see, I’ve grown relatively immune to negative press by people who have never met me. Quite simply, comments on my looks, my past and my causes simply don’t faze me anymore, but…

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Buccaneers and Bones


Last year was a good year… healthy steelhead returns and many new friendships graced 2011, making high spirits soar.
Perhaps that was the reason for a call in September asking my availability for March this year.
Orion multimedia was filming Buccaneers and Bones at Deep Water Cay in the Bahamas and was looking to piece together the next season’s “Buccaneers”; Patagonia kindly offered them up my name.
I don’t have many (honestly, any) photos as I was busy “working”… but here are a few to fill the space until the series airs:

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