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Book Review : Skeena Steelhead by Bob Hooten


British Columbia steelhead; wild, renowned, controversial, historical… These fish have no problem finding their way into our hearts and minds.
Consequently, they have no hindrance finding their way into our literature either.
Romances, instructional compilations, tall tales and the traditional classics, there is no shortage of steelhead verbiage on the market. So while there are a great many books on the famed BC steelhead, there are few that are as honest and jaw dropping as Bob Hooton’s Skeena Steelhead.
Bob Hooton needs little introduction. Arguably the provincial government’s most knowledgeable steelhead biologist until his recent retirement in 2008, Hooton is respected and outspoken. Known to captivate an audience and hold their attention by means of integrity laced morals and scientifically backed data, Bob Hooton, in a word, stands for the truth…

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