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A Step in Time


Oh Mr. Dylan, how right you were… The times they are a changin’.
In a world of social networking, computer graphic enhancement and online shopping carts, the times have officially found themselves “changed”.

It’s a new age, a new generation and a new very distinct dividing line that is being drawn between the ways of the past and the ways of the present.
This dividing line cuts deep, driving the mavericks and the leaders of this generation to proceed in paving new paths; more specifically to the fishing industry, paths that are being paved quite literally to the river.

Needless to say, this path is not welcomed openly by all…

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A Day in the Life…

My schedule is one that always rouses up questions from people who can’t quite comprehend a life on the road. “How do you do it?”, they ask.
“With a smile,” I truthfully reply.

I love being busy, I love new adventure, I love running to a tight flight and I love never knowing what to expect when my feet touch down in a new country.
My heart belongs amidst the vastness of BC and within 3 weeks of being away from her, admittedly the glow in my eyes begins to dull and the edges of my smile are just slightly less curved.

Like a drug to a user, BC is my fix but between sessions I am a girl who needs to run.

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