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Where Did You Come From Ms. Vokey?


Once upon a time…

There was a young woman who graced poise and class.

Beautiful, adventurous, wild and determined, she fled a difficult past, riding the days away atop a small mare named June. From child to teenager June mentored this young woman, teaching her independence, strength, ambition and solidarity. Together, the two of them would roam endless fields and forests, seeking refuge from the world and excitement in the wind slapping at their faces.

I am proud to introduce you to my mother.

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Late Nights…


I love late nights.

Emails slow, television airs tosh.O, the world around me sleeps and I let down my guard as I delight in a long awaited release of sarcasm, humor, truth and other trivial fruitions that I’m not so sure the general public would be overly impressed to learn about me.
I laugh with my mouth open, disregard chocolate stuck in my teeth and model my sweat pants like they’re sexy in rhythm to the music of the late night “want-ad” commercials.

Colby cocks an eyebrow and looks at me in disdain – naturally I mock him in the husky voice chanting the 1-800 number and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all…

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