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From Then to Now: Music, Sex and Asado… February


In continuation to part one of this series based around a newly discovered life on this uncensored blog:

February arrived quickly…
Between a weeks’ worth of early guided trips in Chilliwack, followed by a short trip to visit Ben on the Hoh River of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula & then a personal trip to Argentina… the entire month of February was X’d out in my calendar.

My Argentina dates lingered… reminding me that I really hadn’t been given much information on what to pack.
I had booked my flight based on a whim and a glimmer of good faith after receiving an email the following year from a photographer by the name of Stephan Dombaj.

I had heard about Stephan five or six years ago and his ever growing resume seemed to look me in the face every time I turned a corner in the industry.
To be completely blunt, I have never been a huge fan of photographers. Truthfully, I often find them selfish, pushy, eager and too often fixated with a price tag above the head of their subject for me to take much of a liking to them…

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From Then to Now: Living La Chica Loca … January


It was in 2008 when I opted to make some major changes in this life of mine.

I was twenty-five years old and stuck in an argumentative, stagnant short-term relationship, unhappily committed to the mortgage of an unfinished home (that in all honesty, at times I would have rather burned than lived in), all while drowning in an abhorrence of unnecessary stuff that reminded me of how many vacations I could have had, but rather chose an extensive scented candle collection instead.

My truck was one that I had impulsively bought off the lot, clad with shiny tires and astronomical monthly payments, my fishing tackle room was like a game of graphite pick-up-sticks and the Chilliwack river was only minutes away from my front door… with the exception of young and foolish financing, I knew I had it good, but I couldn’t help but notice the slight pang of denial that sparked my heart when I told myself that it didn’t get any better.

I clearly remember the day when I opened my eyes in the orange glow of my small bedroom and realized that while I might be temporarily placed in discontentment, I was certainly not stuck there…

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In Dean’s Corner


Good afternoon Mr. Wagner,

I felt it was only fair to inform you of a chain of emails (below) that quite directly points a finger at your decision to open the commercial netting in Area 8… I have sent my plea to every television producer, columnist, radio host, lawyer and conservationist that I know and I am confident that a media frenzy has started to brew.

With my pride in being an honest communicator and as someone who chooses her battles wisely, I feel it is safe to say that this is an issue I do not plan on allowing to be swept under the rug and is one that I intend to tirelessly pursue until some changes are made.

As a full-time guide on the Dean River, I spend the entirety of three months on this river for the sole purpose of my passion for its fishery; this is not the first year that I have been appalled by the openings in this region and this year has finally pushed myself and other Dean river anglers into a corner that inevitably has us fighting back…

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