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From Then to Now: June & the Romance of Atlantic Salmon


I had the Atlantic salmon bug before I had ever stepped foot in an Atlantic salmon river.

The gorgeous flies, turquoise water, floating canoes, angling history and of course chrome bright Salmon over 50 pounds… I was studying the ways of Atlantic salmon & their fishermen before I had even begun to think about fishing for the steelhead that graced my own backyard.

It had been a dream of mine to make it to Norway to one day fish their landscaped country and famed rivers. Life always has a way of working itself out and this June I found myself headed to the Gaula River with the Norwegian Fly Fishers Club.

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From Then to Now: Of Life and Love… May


I believe that we exist to love.

Corny, cliche, hopeful or desperate as it might sound… I believe that without love we are lost.

My little sister Dana is one of the most beautiful people I know. Smart, funny, kind, generous, thoughtful, selfless… her physical beauty is second to that of her inner perfection. She exudes a positive glow and simply lights up most any room that she enters…

As little girls we would giggle about where our future husbands were, what they were doing and how they would cherish us, as we would them.

We were hopeless romantics and each of us hoped to find true love in our best friend… much in the way that our parents had.

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From Then to Now: April is Always a Little Boring


This year the routine was a little more hectic than I had planned for… a busy lodge kept me on my toes and with guiding each day, office work each night, a trailer renovation and the cleaning of rooms between guests, I was lucky to get four hours of shuteye before waking up to do it all over again.

I had been looking for a trailer for my property up North that I could live in during the summer steelhead season. When a friend’s dad asked if I knew anyone who was interested in his 1999 twenty-five foot Nash trailer for a fair price, I of course jumped at the gun and an hour later ponied up the cash, hit Home Depot for some reno materials, rolled up my sleeves and started destruction.

Hearing the news, my parents looked at me like I was crazy… “you don’t have time to breathe, how in the hell are you going to have time to fix up a trailer?” I cocked an eyebrow… “less sleep?”

They shook their heads and smiled… not surprisingly, I am a woman who “gets it done” when I make up my mind about something…

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