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The Start of a Journey :  Shore Lines 


If my brain were a storage unit, it would be one without walking space, stacked with hoards of cluttered paraphernalia. That’s how it feels right now anyway, unorganized and overwhelmed, elbowing my way in & around my own thoughts.

I blame it on Roderick Haig-Brown.

See, last year I had taken on the most ambitious project of my life: the authoring of a book summarized as a reflective novel based on the history of our sport, and both its evolution & migration from the United Kingdom to North America’s west coast.
Do not be fooled by this mundane description; it’s about as dry as a robust red wine — flavourful, intoxicating, addictive and sure to stain.

In addition, I had also signed a television show to the World Fishing Network, where I would write a ten part episodic series about the authoring of this book and the research that went into it.

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Anything but Grey – by Matt Harris


I don’t usually post interviews written about me, but it was just so refreshing to finally receive an article that was honest and void of redundant, overdone questions.

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Minty Froth & Seasoned Anglers


I recently received this wonderful email from a fishing guide (who shall remain anonymous), and it occurred to me that it might not be such an awful idea to post the article.

“Hello FlyGal Company,
I know this is a long shot, but if at all possible, can you please forward this personally to April? It’s kind of a big deal, since she indirectly helped save my life and career.

My name is ***; I am a Pacific Northwest Fishing Guide. Last season, I found myself burnt out, beat up and holding on by a thread with serving people out on the water. In fact, I put my rods in the closet, closed my doors for Winter Steelheading and was about ready to chop up my Guide License…”

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