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Shore Lines : One Step Back to Take Two Forward


I left Launceston on a Sunday afternoon. By the time I was back home in Sydney, my head was aching from the pent-up ambition that circled within it.

Greg, the Tasmanian devil that he is (full story here), had stirred me into a frenzy. But there is one problem with an animal who moves so fast : I was left blinded in a cloud of dust.
It was time to begin organizing interviews for my book and subsequent television series. So I ventured into the study and paced the room, eyeing up the books I’d placed thoughtfully & carefully on the rich brown shelves. Blue Eye’s owned a collection of first edition books that had been willed to him by his late friend, Andrew, who had died an untimely death.

The house was quiet and I closed my eyes.
Tracing a lone finger along the soft worn seam of one of Haig-Brown’s first books, the room cooled and Andrew’s presence tickled goosebumps onto my skin. I slid the hardcover from its designated slot and held it to my chest as I walked it out into the sunlit yard.

I had realized that swinging flies for steelhead was popularized in the 1930’s by Haig-Brown and that, to fully understand the origin of steelhead fishing, I must first learn more about Atlantic salmon culture…

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Five Steelhead Facts Worth Knowing


Several years ago I spoke with steelhead expert/biologist Bill McMillan while collecting data for an article I was writing. I recently stumbled upon the article in my folders and thought it would be worthwhile to share it…

Five steelhead facts worth knowing:

1) It is no secret in the world of steelhead fishing that there are two distinct runs of steelhead. Appropriately termed “winter-run” and “summer-run” steelhead, it is a fair assumption that winter-run fish enter the freshwater system during the winter months, while summer-runs begin their migration earlier in the year during the spring and summer.

Beginning as early as November and continuing through May, winter-run fish enter the system at a relatively developed stage of maturation. Their bellies are robust; their time scarce and their attention concentrated…

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