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ShoreLines Goes to Ontario – Behind the Scenes


Several years ago, I remember having a conversation with one of the leading film producers in fly fishing. He had managed to get me on board with the promise of an educational series and had pitched a show where he envisioned me as the host.

There was a minor delay in the satellite phone, but his words came through clear. “We need to make sure that you’re ok with having conflict, drama and clash.”

I’m sure the delay sounded longer on his end as it took a while for the words of disgust and profanity to stop beating him senselessly in my head. I calmed my temper, put on my professional voice and kindly let him know that I wasn’t interested.

Drama and clash? What did they want me to do – get in a boat and start pulling hair? Move along…

It had been ten years of producers and networks reaching out to me with similar interests. Every few weeks, somebody in television had the idea that I might make for excellent entertainment in some form or another, provided it meant either violating my personal life or, in the words of Fergie, celebrating my “lovely lady lumps”. I was so over it.

But in November last year, I was in Chile when my phone rang and I took the call. It was Nick Pujic of Vantage Point Media House and he had a proposal for me.

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