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How To Tie Flies With Rhea

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April explains how to use the rhea feather in fly tying.

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Food For Thought, Mr. Waddington?


In 1948, Richard Waddington teamed with several biologists to write a revolutionary book titled Salmon Fishing – a new philosophy.
I stumbled across the book during a conversation with Topher Browne: salmon enthusiast and author of Atlantic Salmon Magic, who had kindly given me his reading list to review and study.

But as biological books do, the “printed in 1948” stamp served as an expiration date and it was important that I resurface the book to several biologists and specialists in the field to examine if Waddington’s information still held true.

In this blog, I will identify and summarize six viewpoints from Waddington’s Salmon Fishing that piqued my interest (some of which have worked for me on both steelhead and Atlantic salmon). I have asked Topher for his insight and reasoning as to why or why not these theories have any sort of bearing.

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